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Reach Them Digitally: 5 Real Estate Marketing Tips


You’re probably going to get tired of hearing us speak about digital marketing, but let’s face it, we’re a digital agency, and it’s where the wave has been moving. Now the question is, how are you going to go about using it for your real estate sales. Here are five short and sweet methods to get you on the right track.


Create a Landing page website

What is a landing page? It’s basically a website hub for your listing. This easy to set up website, can provide: property information, google map location, property photos/videos, virtual tours, and easy scheduling/contact options.


Why is it a great asset? It provides thorough information of your property to your homebuyer’s pockets. If they can’t make it to your open house, bring the house to them! And after they’re informed direct them to your scheduling and contact information.


Manage your website SEO

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, is a way to make your company or listing site rank on top when searched for in google, bing, or other search engines.


Why is it a great asset?

Think of the next time a potential homebuyer searches for “real estate agent OC,” with the right investment of fixing the under-the-hood details of your site, you can make sure your company/listing pops up first so you can claim those leads. SEO can be done organically (by having a professional fix the details/keyword of your site) or you can pay Google/Bing to have your listing show up on top.


Reach them on Social

Social media really doesn’t need an explanation, but it is something that is very overlooked. Social media is a free, no penny spent form of marketing. Yes, you can pay to have your posts promoted by the platform, but the majority of the time there are many ways to reach people by using the built in tools. And if you don’t have time to manage your social you can always hire a professional. Here are some ideas…


  • Show the inside of your listing on Instagram Stories

  • Hashtags are similar to SEO, using keywords can help people find your posts

  • Post media content (photos, videos) to your accounts, photo and videos have shown to be the most engaged form of content

  • Directly message people on the social platforms


Blast them with Emails!

Think of emails as the new postcards, instead of it going to a mailbox, it becomes a notification on a phone that a person is most likely to see. Gather current clients and referral contact information, make an email list, and send send send! Email marketing is an easy way to reach people with information of new houses on the market, properties just sold, or a way to ask for some referrals!



These are some of the older forms of media that will never go away. Especially with new industry innovations like 3D Video, and Virtual Reality. Digital forms of marketing, and new technology compliment photo and video so well, and they do an excellent job of communicating a quick message to the ever increasing short attention span of today’s generation. Embrace these technologies to show your properties, pretty soon home buyers will be able to visit your listing from the comfort of their homes using virtual technology.