A brand is not just a
logo, website, or your
business cards...
It’s an experience.


Cubs win & so does one of the most prolific marketing experiences in professional sports

Cub’s hype engulfed Chicago and it’s undoubtedly true that they were hands down the most exciting team to watch from day one in major league baseball. Not only did the organization shine in 2016 but so did the entire sports world and all cubs related entertainment. Die hard cubs fans joined by legions of latecomers and sports aficionados were looking to ride along in the historical narrative of a team that had not won a championship in over 108 years. Local and national businesses all took advantage while the ultimate goal may be to generate sales it was impossible to avoid the impact this made to businesses across the country in October as we all shared in the experience. The collective experience was so great that national companies like Chipotle, GM, Amazon,Nike and all major hospitality firm’s all joined the media onslaught. The social media analytics were skyrocketing with the mere mention of any Cubs related news allowing many companies to drive campaigns that not only added exposure to brands but immediately boosted revenue through a myriad of campaigns from free giveaways to food specials at many of the major food franchises. Regardless of the history that the lovable losers had for over 100 years business and digital marketing took notice as this October re-shaped sports marketing forever.cubs win logo